Faith & life

It is good to have questions because if our faith is really going to have an impact on our lives we need to understand it. St Elizabeth's offers a range of talks and activities for individuals, small groups, and families.

Each year we offer in-person and online talks on the Catholic faith, as well as Bible Studies, family catechesis, and marriage enrichment courses. We would love you to join one of our courses to help enrich your understanding of God's love.

For those wanting to explore some of the most fundamental questions about the existence of God and the meaning of life we recommend our parish Alpha as a great starting point.


At St Elizabeth's we recognise the importance of friendship. We aspire to be a community of comunities where everyone is known and supported by a network of friends who will be there for them at every stage of their lives.

That’s why we invite everyone to be part of a 'connect group' where they can be known, inspired, and supported. Some of our connect groups are part of a wider network, others are specific to St Elizabeth's.

Prayer & worship

To know about Jesus is good but we are called to much more than that. We are called to know the Lord and live in a relationship with him. Prayer is the oxygen of our relationship with God. It is the way we turn to God and lift up our hearts to him. It is also the means by which we open ourselves to his grace, his life-giving touch, in the Sacraments.


The Catholic Church has seven Sacraments entrusted to her by Jesus Christ. There are three Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion), two Sacraments of Mission (Marriage and Holy Orders), and two Sacraments of Healing (Confession and Anointing of the Sick). Each Sacrament is used by God to strengthen our Christian life. The Sacraments have a visible element ('sign') and a supernatural element (whereby God gives us his life). To benefit most fully from the Sacraments we need at least the desire to live better our Christian life.