Parents are the primary educators of their children

At St Elizabeth's we believe the best way to pass on our faith to the next generation is to empower parents to share their faith confidently with their children. We want to take catechesis out of a classroom and allow it to be something that is discussed and celebrated in the heart of family life.

We firmly believe that parents are the best educators of their children in the ways of faith. Our Family Catechesis is designed for parents with children in primary school with activities suited to different ages and abilities.

The programme, A Family of Faith, follows a four year cycle:

                         Year A: WHAT WE BELIEVE - THE CREED

                         Year B: WHAT WE CELEBRATE - THE SACRAMENTS

                         Year C: HOW WE LIVE - THE COMMANDMENTS & BEATITUDES

                         Year D: KNOWING GOD - CHRISTIAN PRAYER

Preparation for First Confession and First Holy Communion usually takes place in the second year of the programme.