Spread the word!

This project doesn't only impact our parish community, but our neighbours, visitors, and our future generations. That's why we want to share this project as far and wide as we can! We need you to make a conscious effort to bring this project to the attention of your friends and family. Share it on social media, pass information on, and encourage others to take part in Renewal 2024.

Organise a fundraiser

If you're interested in organising a fundraiser, let us know and we'll help!

Run a birthday campaign

In recent years, birthday campaigns have become very popular, especially among young people. This is where someone encourages people to make a donation to a cause rather than buying them a card or a gift. It's a great way to promote the project, and help to raise funds!

Other ideas?

If you have other ideas of how you might promote Renewal 2024, let us know and our team will help you get going.

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