This project is only possible with the support and generosity of those that support the parish. Naturally, we have a great deal of fundraising to do, and we encourage you to think about how you might be able to make a contribution to part of the project. However, there are other ways to support the project; take a look below.


Our online giving platform is safe, secure, and easy to use. Whether you're giving once, or would like to give regularly!

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If you pay income tax in the UK, you are most likely able to add GiftAid to your donations. If you don't know what GiftAid is, it is a scheme set up by the government which allows charities to claim 25% of a donation at no additional cost to the donor. This means that a £100 donation would be worth £125 to us. For more information, take a look at our giving guide or contact our Finance Coordinator.

Giving Guides | Contact Finance Coordinator

Large Gifts

Donations worth over £2,000 are best not given to us via our online platform as transactions fees are much greater. If you are looking to make a large gift, please contact us and we will arrange a call to discuss the best means of making your donation.

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As part of your will, you can extend your lifelong giving by sharing a part of your wealth to St Elizabeth’s. Your gift will have a lasting impact, bringing delight and inspiration for future generations. A legacy to a charitable cause has the added benefit of reducing inheritance tax for the remainder of your estate. In order to discuss gifts in wills, please contact the Parish Office.

Contact Parish Office

Matched Giving

Matched giving is where a benefactor agrees to match the donations of a fundraising campaign up to a maximum figure. For example, a donor may match all donations up to £10,000, meaning that they will contribute £1 for every £1 raised through the campaign up to a maximum of £10,000. This not only helps to possibly double your donation, but also to motivate other donors. If you're interested in becoming a match giver, please let us know.

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