Holy Communion

Holy Communion is the final Sacrament of Initiation. This is because our life on earth is a preparation for eternal life with God in heaven. To receive Holy Communion is to anticipate that eternal life by receiving Jesus, the Bread of Life, here on earth. In Holy Communion we receive the risen Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity.

Holy Communion is also a sign of our union with God and his Church. We receive Holy Communion as an expression and a consequence of our effort to live that union. To receive Holy Communion we have to be united in the faith we profess; in worship (by attending Sunday Mass unless exempt) and in living our Christian life (free from serious sin).

At St Elizabeth's children are prepared to receive Holy Communion by their families using our A Family of Faith programme.

Adults are prepared as part of the process of preparation for reception into the Church.

Parishioners who are sick or elderly and unable to attend Mass remain part of our Catholic community by receiving Holy Communion in their homes.